Why join SafetyJobs.io?

The SafetyJobs.io job site provides an opportunity for employers to connect with job seekers looking for meaningful employment in safety related industries. The SafetyJobs.io job site can help streamline your hiring process by providing a robust job seeker database, exclusive Match Jobs to Candidates feature, live-interviews, interview candidate screening, a messaging centre to communicate with job seekers and so much more!

Job Posting Service

Post your jobs manually or let us import them for you saving you time.

Candidate Matching

Our systems will recommend certain candidates based on the information you provide in the job post.

Employer Dashboard

All of your account stats are displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard so you can monitor your ROI.

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Live Interviews

Interview candidates face-to-face through your webcam and record the interview to share with others..

Message center

You can directly message employers via our platform so you don't have to go off platform to communicate.

Interview Candidate Screening

Set up screening assessments with text and video options for job seekers to identify better hires faster without the hassle of in-person interviews or phone screening.


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