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Why post your job with SafetyJobs.io?

We help find you the perfect candidate.

We are active

Unlike other job boards we are active in helping you find the right candidate. We actively advertise your job and will help you find the right candidate for the job.

We match candidates to your job

When adding details to the job our system will match candidates to the job specification automatically so you know you're getting the right candidate for that job.

We give you the tools to find that candidate.

Customizable Dashboard

We have a customizable dashboard that allows you to get statistics about the job you posted or your public profile, edit your public profile, customizable applicant tracking system.

Complete On-Platform Features

We are an all-in-one solution for your company. We have a applicant tracking system, on-platform messaging system and a video interview platform all on the SafetyJobs website.

An all in one solution.

Pre-screen Candidate

With the interview platform we allow you to pre-screen candidates by asking them a customizable text or recorded video based questions that will help you pre-screen candidates applying for your job.

Video Interviews

Schedule interviews to connect face-to-face with candidates. All interviews are recorded and saved in your account to review and rate at your convenience anywhere. Read more about it and the features here


Why apply for jobs with SafetyJobs.io?

From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Search For Jobs

Our platform makes it easy for you to search for jobs. We can match you to specific jobs that are more suited to your experience or you can use our in-depth search tool to find that perfect job.

Easily apply

Once you have filled out your profile, searching for a job is one click away. When you apply the company will be able to see the information you entered onto your profile.

We keep you notified.

Text Message Alerts

Add your mobile number to our system and get texted about any new jobs or updates about your application.

Job Alerts

We give you complete customization on how you recieve alerts from the platform. You can sign up to all alerts which will notify you if any job is posted or you can customize the notifications to only show jobs that match your profile.

You're At Control.


Every job seeker is given a profile. This is where you advertise to companies your past experience, certificates and previous education that will help you achieve your next job.

Automatic CV Parsing

To make the platform even easier to use, we allow automatic CV parsing. This means you as a job seeker, can just upload your CV and it will automatically add the information directly to your public profile saving you time and effort.